I‘m a lawyer. And a pop culture junkie. I’m a gossip addict with a pet peeve. It drives me insane when the tabloid media can’t report a legal issue correctly. Hell, half the time, even the mainstream, traditional media get it wrong.

I’ll tell you who Britney and Lindsey are whoring around with, when they go nuts, what they get charged with and why they get sued. And then how they get away with it all. I like Lexis-Nexis and People magazine. Equally. I’m a law geek, a web geek and I know enough about celebs to freak out my friends.

So, Celebrity Legal. All the ridiculous, craptastic news about celebutantes and their DUIs, athletes and their paternity suits, actors and their divorces, rock stars and their drug busts, former superstars and their bankruptcies and all the other legal drama that seems to follow celebrities around.

The Rich and Famous Go to Court. And Celebrity Legal gives you the scoop and maybe even a little legal insight if you’re lucky. Celebrity Legal - The Rich and Famous Go to Court