Earlier this week, a court ordered Barron Hilton’s auto insurance company to pay $4.6 million dollars to a man that Barron (Paris Hilton’s younger brother) hit while drunk. Today, according to RadarOnline.com, a jury was given access to the young man’s financial records so that they could properly determine the level of punitive damages. They ultimately recommended that the court require the young Hilton to pay $225,000 in punitive damages out of his own pocket (punitive damages are not covered by automobile insurance).

Hilton was sued by Fernando Telez, a former gas station worker, who was hit by Hilton’s car back in 2008. After the collision, Hilton was arrested for DUI.

Telez claimed he broke his back in the accident and has been unable to find work since the accident. During the trial, though, it was revealed that Telez continued to work for a month after the incident. He did not seek medical attention the day of the accident nor did he file for workers compensation when his boss asked about it.

Barron Hilton, now 21, ended up pleading no contest to the DUI charge (and to being in possession of a fake ID) in the criminal case. He got three years probation, fined $2,000, and ordered to take alcohol education classes, which he has successfully completed.

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